About me

William Setiawan Lim .


ME ?

My name is William Setiawan Lim (why Lim?because “william setiawan” is too much at Indonesia, You should try and keep looking on Google for William setiawan! Hahaha.. Lim, also little part of my Chinese name!). I’m Bachelor of Arts (2009-2012) from Multimedia Nusantara University, I live in Cengkareng – West Jakarta – DKI JakartaIndonesia. I really love sleep(is the best way to RECHARGE your body,man!playing basketball(not really! ahahaha), gaming (yes, i do!), photography (yes, i do!), graphic design(simple and clean design of course!sometimes!), illustration and comics!(buy a books-read-make-buy a books-read-make-read) I appreciate all artworks, because it’s makes my brain and ideas more creative! (i guess…)

~Photography! (events, potraits, kids, streetshot, commercial, ads, fashion, stage!)
~Graphic Design! (Clean,Simple and comfortable), Random drawing activity, sleep, doin’ something random.

For business enquiries or collaborations, HIT me :



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